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Delivery of cargo from Moldova, transportation to Moldova, transport services from Romania, Russia, Europe.

How to organize road transportation of cargo and whether it is possible to transport cargo without knowing about transportation, only that it should be done by a transport or forwarding company from Moldova or Romania. How to get the goods to your warehouse without facing the difficulties of the contract for the delivery of goods? Finding suppliers, to do business is extremely important for the establishment of international trade and development of the company. But if you do not approach the issue of shipping responsibly, you can forget about the benefits achieved at the stage of negotiations, and even lose customers. The signed contract for the delivery of goods is meaningless, if its provisions are not confirmed by the contract – the application for the actual delivery of goods. We arrange international transport for our customers, both for export and import. Our experience in organizing transportation allows us to make cargo delivery simple for us and fast for the customer.

For the delivery of urgent cargo to or from Moldova air freight is used, or in most cases, by road. Implementation of all transportation services allows us to optimize the time and cost of transportation. All international transportations are carried out by our reliable partners – Transportation companies from European countries, Russia, Bulgaria and Romania, on the most favorable conditions, due to this the delivery of the freight forwarding company Moversauto – Intertransport from Moldova is not expensive, and the transportation by auto or other means of transport is provided in the shortest terms, this may be sea shipping, rail transport, air-delivery. We monitor every stage of transportation and provide our clients with reliable information about the location of the transport and the goods transported.

You require transportation of large and oversized cargoes? For the delivery of large industrial facilities or oversized cargoes, it is necessary to provide transportation of this cargo, special vehicles with increased capacity and non-standard dimensions. Over-sized cargo can be shipped by sea or by land. Once a contract for transportation services is drawn up, managers begin to plan the transportation. Logistics Department of our company will analyze the features of cargo, geography of transport movements, the possibility and timing of delivery and offer the best option for transportation. If necessary, we will offer you a combined transport of cargo: on some parts of the route when air transport is used, and the other part of the delivery – shipping or road transport.

Growing volumes of goods production allow Moldovan companies to increase the volume of imports from near and far abroad to Moldova. When looking for international partners for which transportation is required, the ability to deliver goods to the buyer and its acceptable cost is of great importance. In order to accurately calculate the economic benefit of your transaction, we will analyze the conditions of the proposed transport and provide you with a preliminary estimate. When importing a product it is important to remember that its cost includes additional expenses: transportation costs, customs clearance costs, customs duties and cargo insurance. We offer our clients a cost calculation for transporting goods from Europe, Romania, Moldova and professional assistance in preparing international contracts, up to participation in negotiations on the purchase of the necessary goods for delivery.

Development of all methods of delivery make today both air transportation and cargo transportation by sea, road and rail transport equally demanded. Choosing the method of transportation depends on the volume of cargo, the desired delivery time and the amount of resources allocated for transport costs. Very often the cost of transportation and its time can be optimized by combining several transportation types. Competent scheme of different methods of delivery, including air and road delivery of goods by ground modes of transport can significantly reduce transportation costs. For example, the delivery of goods to Moldova from other continents involves the use of sea or air transportation, and then transportation by road to the consumer in Moldova. Air-delivery of cargo is convenient in cases when the volume and weight of the cargo is small, and the terms of its transportation are limited. For large consignments, however, maritime transportation is convenient.

Depending on the cargo and the terms of delivery stated in the contract, the question of cargo insurance may be the responsibility of either the shipper, the buyer or the carrier. Moversauto-Intertransport’s Transport Manager will read the contract clauses carefully and make sure that the insurance conditions during transport are fulfilled, under all circumstances. If necessary, we will take care of arranging insurance for the shipment ourselves. For airfreight and sea freight the insurance costs are included in the price of the shipment.

You need airfreight from or to Moldova? – it is the only way to deliver the cargo on time. In this case the cost of air transportation is not comparable with possible losses. And the time savings that air freight provides – enormous, the list of our services includes this transport service. Another option when air-delivery is necessary – is the transportation of goods from remote locations. We can arrange for you air transportation for the delivery of goods from areas where there is no other transport, only air. As a rule, air transportation is applied to small-sized groupage cargo.

When the cargo owners from Moldova or Romania face difficulties with the need to deliver small consignments: equipment, raw materials, or small goods with the volume of one pallet, which are not enough for a full load of transport, and to pay the full cost of transport is not rational, to order air transportation – unprofitable, and not always possible on the budget. We offer the best solution – consolidation, collection of goods in a temporary storage warehouse in any country in Europe and the CIS. Delivery of cargo from Europe to Moldova or Romania, or delivery of cargo from Russia to Moldova or Romania as a part of a consolidated cargo – a special cargo delivery technology. We provide all the nuances: warehousing and packing, customs clearance and loading in the desired country. The main task of consolidated transportation is to reduce transport costs, taking into account the delivery time.

Transportation of goods from and to Moldova certain categories of goods require special driver qualifications and vehicle permits. This category includes dangerous goods (ADR). Any transport used for the carriage of ADR cargo must have a licence and be appropriately equipped with special equipment. Transportation of dangerous goods is subject to strict restrictions: many non-hazardous goods cannot be transported simultaneously with hazardous goods, and in some countries there are complicated conditions for transit through their territory of dangerous goods of high hazard class. Naturally the transportation of dangerous goods is associated with additional costs, and a long delivery time, but sometimes it is the only way to transport dangerous goods. Experience and qualification of our specialists provide all our customers with possibility to order international transportation of cargo to Moldova or Romania, Europe or Russia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan or Turkmenistan, of any complexity, by any type of transport.

We know all the intricacies of international cargo transportation.
Transportation of your goods with our help will be reliable and efficient. We will organize for you air, rail, road or sea shipping. Focus on growing your business, trust the professionals to transport your goods. Our specialists are highly qualified and experienced and will do their best in order for you to forget what the hardships of transport organization is. Our customers are many big and small companies from Moldova and Romania, Russia and Europe and now we continue our successful cooperation with them as well as developing for new customers from different countries. We will be glad to see you among our regular customers.

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