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Refrigerator Semitrailer or with a trailer. from 86-96 cu. 20t.


Need to transport goods that are sensitive to temperature fluctuations? Ice cream, butter, frozen fish, milk, fresh meat? These and other cargoes that could be affected by heat or cold need special transport. This can be a refrigerated truck with a semi-trailer or with a trailer.

Body type

Refrigerator as a transport with a refrigeration and heating unit is able to maintain the desired temperature all the way.  Cooling in summer and heating in winter will help preserve the quality of products. This is the vehicle that cargo owners choose when they want to transport their cargo intact.

Are trailers or semi-trailers good for your cargo? They differ from each other only by how they are attached to the tractor. In some cases, both trailer and semi-trailer are attached to the same truck, but this increases the cost of transportation. But it gives an opportunity to transport different categories of cargo at the same time. For example, you can put frozen seafood at minus temperature in a trailer and dairy products at 0 degrees in a semi-trailer.

Refrigerator dimensions

The main parameters of the vehicle is the technical data that affect the performance of transportation and allows you to carry a certain amount of cargo simultaneously. In particular, we are talking about the following characteristics:

  • usable volume – 20-100 cu.m;
  • temperature range – +10…-35 °C;

Capacity up to 21.5 tonnes (33 euro pallets).


Dimensions of trailer and semi-trailer

 Length (m)Width (m)Height (m)
Flatbed refrigerator with trailer8,12,42,6

Please note that if the cargo is up to 8 tons, you can use a refrigerator up to 36 cbm.

Types of cargo for refrigerated transport

Different categories of products are delivered by this type of transport:

  • с short shelf life – milk, eggs, sour cream, confectionery, etc.;
  • fruits and vegetables;
  • Deep-frozen goods – frozen fish and meat, ice cream, butter;
  • Cargoes requiring low temperatures – yeast, alcoholic products;
  • срезанные цветы и комнатные растения.

Features of refrigeration systems

Refrigerators for semi-trailers and trailers can be of several types:

  • electrically driven;
  • autonomous (own engine);
  • tractor engine driven;
  • with ice packs.

The type of refrigeration unit shall be selected also in view of the cargo to be transported.

The directions of transportation

The geography of transport by refrigerator is wide.  Refrigerating plants are able to maintain the desired temperature conditions during transportation despite the distance. For example, you can transport dairy products from Romania to Moldova, grapes from Moldova to Russia or other cargo from the EU, the Baltics and other countries. The refrigerator can pass through CMR and TIR without any problems.

Formalization of documents for transport by refrigerator

Transportation of goods by refrigerator truck requires mandatory registration of sanitary transport. In addition, you must carefully monitor the rules of loading and unloading, so as not to damage the cargo and ensure its proper delivery to the destination. Our staff will help with the paperwork and take care of the terms of delivery. You do not need to worry about anything, trust the professionals to transport any cargo safely.

Cost calculation