Caravan-trailer with trailer

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Caravan-trailer with trailer

It is not as easy as it seems to deliver new cars to a car dealership and still maintain their flawless appearance. Second-hand cars need even more care than new ones. Used cars should not have added mileage, engine or chassis technical wear and tear. All the risks that could reduce the value of the car should be taken into account. In other words, car shipping needs to be approached in a measured way. Let’s talk about the main method of delivery – auto-trailer. Caravan trailer with a trailer is the perfect vehicle for new (and not so new) cars. Let’s see why.

TYPE OF BODY. Let’s begin with the main thing: it’s the only way to keep the car’s marketable appearance. The trucks are transported by a tractor with a one- or two-level semitrailer. Small trucks, tractors, and passenger buses are transported on a single-tier trailer. The double-deck semi-trailer is designed for passenger cars. The semi-trailer is designed and constructed specifically for safe and quality car transportation. Cars on the semi-trailer are securely fixed. Forwarder on the way, at every stop, checks the condition of cars and reliability of their fixation. There is an open car transporter and there are covered with a tent.

DIMENSIONS. Payload from 19 to 20 tons.

Capacity from 6 to 9 cars.

TYPE OF GOODS. Car transporters carry cars. These cars are new, budget, medium-class and luxury. SUVs, minivans, sometimes small trucks, vans and mini agricultural equipment (tractors, seeders, lawnmowers). The main customers of car-transporters are car dealerships and auto factories. You can order the delivery of a single car. For example, you have bought a car in Germany and want to order its delivery to Moldova? With our company it is possible.

SAFETY AND COMFORT. Main task of our transport company is to preserve the quality and trade appearance of the car and the car itself while transporting – delicate and expensive cargo. Car transporter with trailer is the most reliable in this matter. First of all, a freight forwarder always accompanies cars on the road. At every stop he is obliged to control the securing of the truck. Secondly, it is the only way to transport the car and not to lose sight of it on the way (you can track it on the Internet) and be confident that it will arrive on time.

BENEFITS. The main advantage: you can transport 6 to 9 vehicles simultaneously over long and short distances. Economically it is more expedient and profitable. In addition, there is a delivery of cars to the owner “door to door” or targeted delivery. The car will be brought directly to the house or entrance of the customer. Thirdly, roads are often not of high quality, especially in CIS countries. Caravan is equipped with additional protection against shaking, and even on the most difficult terrain, it is reliable for the safety of transported cars. Its reliability is absolute.

ATTRAINMENTS. Vehicles are brought from all over Europe (including the port) to Moldova, Ukraine, Russia, Belarus, Central Asia and the Baltics. Cars are often ordered from Germany, less often from Russia and other CIS countries.

DOCUMENTS. Prepare the documents for the car transportation is one of the primary tasks. Our company helps in marking the cargo, loading the car, the calculation of prices and execution of shipping documents. Conducts the tracking of cargo in transit, monitors the passage of customs. The company can clear the customs clearance of the car, if the owner prefers. We will pick up your car from any place in Europe and deliver it on time. Order car shipping service here.

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