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Delivery of groupage cargo to Asia, USA

Geography of courier services, express delivery, The company’s services cover the countries located on other continents. Express delivery of consolidated cargo from the USA (Canada, Brazil, Argentina, China, Japan, etc.) to Europe, Russia, CIS, Moldova is carried out by combining air and road transport. Thus, the express delivery of consolidated cargo from the U.S. to Russia, Ukraine or Moldova will take no more than 3 days when combining air and road freight.

Standard groupage delivery takes 5-7 days. Delivery time is the most important factor in forming the cost of delivery of the parcel, if they are not in a hurry, we can offer you delivery as a part of groupage shipment. Shipping сборных грузов as long distance as from the U.S. to Russia would be much cheaper, but a little longer..

The application form for acceptance of information on delivery of joint cargo, placed on our website, works round the clock. We have constantly updated information on available transport for delivery of joint cargo, or on the company with which You can order delivery of your consolidated shipments.

When processing your order for delivery of groupage cargo from the USA, we will always have several options for organizing a fast delivery. Our managers are well-trained and know how to source the necessary cargo for delivery of your consolidated shipments, so we are always one step ahead with the shortest possible lead time. Delivering your consolidated shipments from the USA.

Courier services imply speed, mobility, efficiency of delivery of any groupage cargo. The functionality of our transport site is designed to optimise the acceptance of information for international groupage delivery, including – from the USA to Russia or other CIS country.

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