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Transport, Transport to and from Europe

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When ordering cargo transportation from Moscow or the Moscow region to Moldova, or cargo transportation from Europe to the CIS, Turkey, Serbia, Russia or in another direction, each client wants the cargo transportation process to be as high quality, fast and safe as possible. To this end, you entrust the international transportation of a professional transport company from Moldova, which must competently, quickly and inexpensively deliver your goods, cargo from Russia, the Baltic states, or Turkey, Greece, Italy, Holland, Germany, to the destination, because it is its Job.
– How to speed up and optimize the process of cargo transportation from one country to another? you ask. We answer:
– Taking into account many years of experience in the international cargo transportation market, the transport and forwarding company Movers-Auto SRL from Moldova has developed a comprehensive program for working with orders for the transportation of goods or forwarding services. Depending on the direction of transportation and type of cargo, we will select the best option for solving your problem. In order for you to have as little trouble as possible, we initially take care of all the organizational processes for organizing transportation:

  • On our website, the form online– Order of transport, applications for the carriage of goods, by filling out which , You make a formal request to our staff, who will process your application and contact you immediately.
  • All questions on transport, nuances associated with the cargo, and unclear points regarding the transportation of cargo, you can check with our specialists. We have a professional staff of logistics forwarders, dispatchers in the field of international cargo delivery.

Thus, saving your time, we are already launching a cargo delivery mechanism: we conclude a transportation agreement, agree on the cargo transportation route, delivery times, cargo transportation conditions and keep you up to date.
– There is no time and desire to delve into the execution of customs declarations, registration of TIRa and other documents. The question is also of interest – do you deal with cargo insurance, – you say.
– No problem! we answer. – The so-called “paper fuss” is included in the application for the carriage of goods. The fact is that when concluding a contract for the delivery of goods, we immediately discuss with you all transportation fees and calculate the total cost of the entire cargo transportation. And the execution of the necessary documents for cargo transportation, cargo insurance (at your request) is our concern, not to mention the control over the loading of cargo at the warehouse of the sender, and the execution of documents at customs.

– It is necessary to deliver the goods from the USA or China, from overseas. Can you do it?
– Of course! In this case, we use multimodal transportation, including transportation by air, sea and rail. From across the ocean, you can deliver the cargo to the port by sea, from there our carrier will pick it up and deliver it to you by motor transport. To solve such problems, we have established a wide partner network in many European countries, Russia, Romania, Bulgaria, Turkey. With us you can deliver the goods to any part of the world.

– Is there a system of discounts for the delivery of goods to regular customers in your transport company?
– We will answer right away that we approach each transport order for cargo transportation individually, because each transportation order has its own characteristics. Here, the distance from the location of the transport to the location of the cargo, the country from where the cargo will need to be delivered, additional transportation costs during the transportation process, and related cargo clearance services play a role. Based on this, we form the cost of our transport services for this order. In general, the prices for the delivery of goods in our transport company are quite flexible in all directions, and we will easily come to a mutual decision. Your cargo will be transported!

Summing up, we emphasize the main thing – in any case, the result is important, and you, as the customer of transportation, are interested in the result, and not in what way the cargo will be delivered. Everyone does their own thing and we guarantee high-quality, safe cargo transportation just in time, no matter what direction it is: Russia, the Baltic states, Ukraine, Belarus, Moldova, Kazakhstan, Europe – we deliver goods from these and other countries every day. In our work, we adhere to the basic principles of business and mutually beneficial partnership; Movers-Auto SRL from Moldova occupies a leading position in the market of forwarding services. You can read more about different types of international cargo transportation on other sections of our website.

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