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Trailer flatbed load-carrying capacity up to 30 tons.


Construction in progress and need a bulldozer, excavator or drilling rig? You need heavy piles and concrete blocks? A flatbed trailer will do the job. It is designed to carry heavy equipment and massive building materials.

BODY TYPE. The trailer is a long, low platform on heavy-duty wheels. The platform is designed in such a way that any construction and road equipment can easily drive onto it. There are low-frame and high-frame trailers. They differ in the lifting of the loading platform above the ground. The difference between the platforms at first glance is quite insignificant. The high platform has an elevation of about one meter, and the low platform has 10-15 centimeters less. The difference is negligible, but when loading and transporting large goods it makes a huge difference, and our professionals always take it into account. When ordering a trailer, keep this in mind.

DIMENSIONS. The length of 13, 5 meters.

Width of 2.5 meters.

Height with cargo from 3 meters.

Load capacity up to 30 tons..


. Cargo that is longer than 20 meters, wider than 2.5 meters, higher than 4 meters is considered to be oversized, large or long. It is enough to exceed one parameter to be outside the standards. What is included in such cargo? Buses, tractors, trailers, rollers, bulldozers. All construction equipment – derricks, hoists, truck cranes. Road machinery. Agricultural machinery, including sprayers and small combines. All kinds of industrial units: transformers, turbines, boilers. In addition, they transport construction workers’ cabins and mobile plants.

TOOLS. Bulky goods are transported locally or from country to country only with special permits and an agreed route. Transportation of such goods is time-consuming and costly. It requires obligatory insurance. Our company transports oversized cargo in Moldova, Ukraine, Russia, Romania. Delivery from the EU countries to the CIS countries is possible. It is convenient to transport heavy non-standard cargo with us.

ADVANTAGES. Basically, a trawl is a heavy hauler. That’s its advantage. It can carry quite heavy loads, even construction panels.

DOCUMENTS FOR THE TRANSPORTATION OF OVERSIZED CARGO IN A TRAWL. To transport oversized cargo and heavy equipment, you need special permits and an approved route. Not every company will undertake such transportation. Permissive papers are issued only to those companies whose staff includes specialists in the maintenance of trawls. These are specially trained loaders, mechanics, and drivers. The easiest and most reliable way to transport heavy cargo is to rent a trailer on our site, and the company will take care of the rest.

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