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Delivery of groupage cargoes to the CIS countries

Delivery of groupage cargoes to CIS countries – priority direction of our international courier delivery services. The geographical location of our forwarding company, the main customer flow and the tradition of cooperation in international transportations between the friendly CIS countries also obliges us to do so.

Courier delivery of consolidated shipments, as a kind of transportations – is not an exception. We pay special attention to prefabricated cargo delivery in Russia – it is a huge territory and millions of daily shipments of prefabricated goods.
Knowing how important time of delivery of groupage cargo in Russia, in view of the large distances, we will make every effort to reduce delivery time to a minimum. This is easily realized given the experience of our transport company in the international and courier freight market.

In Russia we have partners, trusted courier companies, organize urgent delivery of groupage cargoes by air and road from Moldova, Ukraine to Russia (European and Asian parts) at a high professional level.

The territory of CIS is several times larger than EU territory. Express delivery of groupage cargo, which implies maximum short terms for delivery of groupage cargo and other types of cargo, is very popular among customers.

The courier service of express delivery of our company accepts requests for delivery of groupage cargoes to CIS countries in round-the-clock mode. Acceptance of requests for delivery of groupage cargoes in the on-line mode and other organizational tools allow us to ensure timely delivery of groupage cargoes across the CIS.

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