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Yumbo platform semitrailer.

Just opened a factory for the production of plastic windows, and you need to order a batch of glass from Ukraine or another country? This is a high fragile product. How to deliver it in one piece? Ordinary glass trucks will not do. Jumbo type transport is used for transportation of such high and voluminous cargo. For this purpose, the semitrailer has a specially enlarged body volume but the legally permissible dimensions are retained.

BODY TYPE L-shaped semi-trailer Jumbo. In appearance it is an ordinary tent, but the volume of its van is much larger due to the L-shaped floor. The diameter of the rear wheels has been reduced and the floor has been lowered by half a metre. As a result, the trailer has two compartments with different ceiling heights. Its volume was almost equal to the size of coupling. For example: 96-120 m3 against 100-120 m3. It means that the Jumbo is a super high-capacity truck..

DIMENSIONS. First compartment: length – 4.2 m; height – 2.45 m.

Second compartment: length – 9,6 m; height – 3 m.

The total length of the semi-trailer respectively – 13, 8 m.

Standard width – 2,45 m.

The truck has a loading capacity up to 24 tons. The capacity – 96 m3.

The length of the trailers is different, varying from 9 to 16 meters. Remember that our transport company will always choose for you the optimal length and volume of the truck.

TYPES OF CARGO TRANSPORTED IN YUMBO . Decided to start a juice production line, or need to deliver equipment for the production of bearings? But you need equipment, and better of proven quality, such as German. But how to deliver it to Chisinau, Kiev, Moscow or Minsk? Equipment can be high, it is not always possible to disassemble it, that is, a standard trailer is not a helper here. So, any cargo up to a height of three (3.10) meters, or bulk, but not heavy cargo can be easily transported in a semi-trailer “Jumbo”. For example, beverages, packed in tanks and barrels. Various structures made of metal, plastic or wood. Manufacturing equipment such as machine tools and automated lines. Agricultural equipment (seeders, tractor trailers, mini-tractors). Commercial equipment (display cases and refrigeration units). Household appliances. Car tires and cars themselves.

SAFETY AND COMFORT. Just like in a conventional euro wagon, the cargo is reliably protected by the tent against bad weather and road dirt on the way. All your machines, automated lines and mini tractors won’t get flooded by rain on the way. The low floor allows you to load and unload the platform faster. This is important, especially when it comes to such delicate cargo as glass. It reduces the risk of the load falling and damaging it. Because of its volume, the load is secured securely with straps. Anti-slip mats, straps, ropes, wooden planks, stops and other means are used for this. Sometimes even air cushions are used to fill the empty space in the body and thus protect the cargo from shifting. With such reliable fixation your cargo will safely reach its destination. That means no production damage if you’re hauling machine tools. Neither harvesting if it was a tractor. Neither trade, if you ordered water or beer in a barrel.

LINES OF TRANSPORTATION. Super-volume truck is in high demand and the geography of its movement can probably be limited to bad roads. Low wheel lift likes good roads. We will find a serious transportation company that takes this into account when planning the route. Such trucks carry cargo to Russia, the Baltic States, Belarus, Ukraine, and Turkey. They are used in Poland, Greece, Spain, Italy, in short, in all EU and CIS countries. They are suitable for local transportations. They transport expensive equipment from Germany to Russia.

DOCUMENTS. Here you need to pay close attention to the transport company that will draw up the documents. When transporting equipment or other valuable equipment, do not forget about insurance and freight forwarder services. The road can be unpredictable, and here you will be helped by professionals, which you have already found here. The only thing that’s left is to make a request and put your cargo in good hands.

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