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Tent Semitrailer 90 cu. 21t.


If you are on this page, you need a vehicle for the transport of goods. In our company you can rent a tent without unnecessary formalities. Leave a request and we will contact you to offer a suitable vehicle.

Depending on the nature of the cargo, the vehicle itself is also selected. Consider the characteristics and use of a tilt semitrailer, so you can see if this vehicle is right for you.


  • length – 13.65 m;
  • width – 2.45 m;
  • height – 2.75 m;
  • volume – 90 m3;
  • capacity – 33 pallets;
  • carrying capacity up to 21 tonnes

Reliable transportation is ensured by securing the pallets to the trailer. This protects the cargo from rolling away.

Important: Our tents are universal.  This means that their dimensions are approved in Europe and Asia. This means we can offer a greater variety of delivery routes and reduce the time needed for customs clearance.

What is a tilt semitrailer used for?

Capacity and low cost of transportation by this transport makes it in demand for the transportation of various categories of goods. The cover of an impermeable tarpaulin on the top and sides protects the cargo from damage.

A few important points to note:

  1. The fabric as a cover reduces the overall weight of the structure. This allows you to increase the load capacity of the trailer and transport more cargo in one trip. This is more advantageous than a container truck with the same capacity.
  2. The ability to slide the tarpaulin over the sides like a curtain and off the roof in combination with the option of lowering the sides makes loading and unloading easier. This can be done manually or mechanically using a forklift truck. The easier it is to unload and load, the more time can be saved.
  3. The tarpaulin keeps out rain, snow, dust, sunlight and wind. This ensures safe delivery and preserves the primary qualities of the product – the attractiveness of the packaging and the integrity of the contents.

Tiltable semi-trailer guarantees cargo security by 99.9%, which is undoubtedly advantageous!

For which loads are suitable?

The tiltable semi-trailer is a good solution for the transport of various product categories:

  • High-volume dry cargo – paper, nappies, textiles, packaging materials;
  • construction materials of large dimensions – profile, polystyrene, pipes, sandwich panels;
  • vegetables fruits with a long shelf life – potatoes, onions, carrots, apples;
  • household appliances – kettles, coffee makers, washing machines.

These and other product categories that do not require temperature control can be delivered using a tilted semi-trailer.

A tilt semitrailer is a universal and in-demand vehicle. Approximately 60% of the world’s goods are transported with it.

Destinations for shipments

The geography of delivery by tilt-covered semi-trailer is unlimited. As a route you can choose any country in Europe or Asia – Moldova, Russia, Turkey, Mongolia, Germany, Italy, Poland, etc. Due to the tents’ compliance with the customs requirements, crossing the border with such transport will not be difficult.

Tents are used for transportation in the TIR format, which implies international delivery to 67 countries and the EU. You can also use a tilt semi-trailer for local delivery of goods, such as from Moldova to Russia or from Romania to Poland.

The tent is not sensitive to bad roads, so even on damaged sections of the road you can travel safely.

Tent transport documentation

Availability of necessary documentation will allow you to send your cargo without any problems in any direction. If you do not know what package of documents is necessary, we will help with registration. Our staff will draw up all the necessary papers for domestic and foreign shipments, taking into account current legislation. So your cargo will pass border and road control without difficulty.

In addition to paperwork, our company provides services for packaging and labeling. You can order additional sealing of doors, insurance and freight forwarder services to protect your cargo 100%.

Advantages of a tilted semi-trailer

Let’s note the main advantages of this type of transport:

  • low cost – cheaper than a container truck of the same volume;
  • easy operation – quick loading and unloading;
  • versatility – used to send cargo to various destinations;
  • practicality – suitable for a variety of cargo categories;
  • safety – 99.9% probability that the integrity of the cargo is preserved;
  • economic benefit – transport capacity;
  • Convenience – complies with customs requirements and reduces the time needed to clear border crossings.

You can order a tilt semitrailer in our company. Leave your request and we will call you back. We will help you to send your goods quickly and profitably!

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