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Sea transportation


21st century. Business is developing and rapidly crossing borders, becoming part of the international process. Progress is also affecting your production, and now the time has come when you want to enter the international market with your goods. Or the other way around, you want to bring the world’s best products to your home country and set up shop here in your city. Containerized shipping plays an important role in carrying out your plan. Nowadays they are the most economically advantageous and the most reliable.

CONTAINERS. Sea container transportations are carried out between seaports, where the railway and highways cross. Containers are delivered on container ships. Containers are securely fastened to the ship and there are tried and tested clear instructions for their loading and placement on deck. Goods are shipped in 20-foot and 40-foot containers.

TYPES OF CARGO. A variety of cargoes are transported in containers on the seaway. Mostly consumer goods, household goods, clothing and footwear, cotton and wool, miscellaneous machinery, and automobiles, including large cargo. Containers are often used for groupage cargoes.

SAFETY AND COMFORT. Imagine that you need to deliver goods or raw materials for production, for example, from Turkey to Moldova or Ukraine, quickly and cheaply? And you expect that the goods will be delivered right to the door of your warehouse. Ordering road delivery bypassing the sea is expensive, even more expensive by plane. Enterprise profitability is falling before your eyes. But multimodal transport comes to the rescue. What is it? A transport company organizes an optimal route using the most diverse (automobile, rail and air) and most importantly advantageous transport, which often includes sea container shipping. Your cargo, both complex (ie in a container of only your cargo), and as part of a combined cargo (ie in a container of goods from different customers) is prepared for shipment. The container is delivered by truck to the port of departure, loaded onto a ship and crosses the sea. At the port of arrival, the container with your cargo is put back on wheels and brought directly to your warehouse gates. Convenient, reliable, cost-effective and efficient.

BENEFITS. Need to deliver raw materials (eg, fittings for clothing production) from China inexpensive and without losses? The surest way container shipping, followed by rail or road transport. The cargo will be delivered door to door in a metal container, safe as a safe. You can order both modular cargo, and complex. It all depends on the size and weight of the order. Low cost and availability – this is the main and most important advantage of the container multimodal transport, especially when delivering large goods.

DESTINATIONS. Deliver goods from the U.S., Brazil, Ecuador and other North and Central American countries to ports in Europe and Asia. There is a great demand for carriages of goods from Southeast Asia and China to EU ports, Ukraine and Russia. From countries of the Mediterranean basin cargoes are delivered to Moldova’s only port on the Danube in the village of Giurgiulesti. Grains from Moldova are exported from here. Bales of wool and cotton from the U.S. and motorcycles from Japan are transported in containers.

In today’s world, maritime routes remain the most inexpensive way to deliver goods around the world. Our transport company works closely with shipping leaders such as MAERSK, MSC, EVERYGREEN, NORASIA and has extensive experience in organizing multimodal shipments on a door-to-door basis.

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