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Heavy Duty Transport Trailer


Are you in the middle of a construction project and need a derrick to drive foundation piles into the hard ground? Or do you need to move a huge combine to harvest grain? Or maybe panels for building a house? Transporting very heavy and oversized cargo is challenging.

TRANSPORT. What equipment is suitable for this? Heavy loads are transported by high-powered tractors with loading platforms – trawls with trawl ramps. Trawls can be solid, retractable, adapted for special equipment and specialized. Trawl is selected directly under the cargo, based on its size and weight. Platforms differ in size and capacity. The most powerful trailers can handle up to 110 tons. The success of delivery, safety of cargo and the semi-trailer depends almost 100% on the right choice of transport.

TYPE OF GROWTH. You have an industrial heavy load. It’s heavy, tall, maybe it’s a container house for construction workers, masts, transformers, pipes. How can you tell if the load is oversized or not?  An oversized or very heavy load is one that exceeds at least one of these dimensions:

Length – More than 13.65 m;

Width – More than 2.5 metres;

Height – More than 3.15 m;

Weight – More than 24 tons.

For example, yachts, derricks, excavators, bulldozers, quarry equipment, hoists, gas turbines, steam boilers, and other huge items.

SAFETY AND COMFORT. Organizing the transportation of heavy oversized cargo is a complex and responsible task, but it is solvable.

First, you need to get special permits for such transportation. They take into account the route, the weight of the truck together with the cargo, the correspondence of the semi-trailer to the cargo, the danger to the road, etc. Each particular country has its own requirements for the transportation of heavy oversized cargo. In other words, it is necessary to obtain a permit in all transit countries.

Secondly, you should agree on a route with the traffic police, and to fulfill a number of requirements under the traffic rules. Namely: keep the speed not higher than 60 km/h, and not more than 15 km/h at the dangerous sections. Cargo equipped with flashing beacons of yellow or orange color and agree to be escorted by cars of the Road Inspectorate or the police. The driver without a special license cannot transport such cargo.

BENEFITS OF TRAWLING. This is expensive, but the only way to deliver heavy oversized equipment to the site: construction or production. Transportation by rail is limited to paved tracks. Motor transport will deliver cargo where it’s needed, if only for the road. Timely delivery of equipment will improve, accelerate or modernize work. As a result increase profits. Our company will gladly help you with this.

TOOLS. International transportation for such cargoes depends on transit permits. Heavy equipment is quite successfully delivered from Belarus to CIS and EU countries. From Germany to Moldova, Ukraine, Russia. From Turkey to Russia, Ukraine and Moldova. Cargo should be insured.

DOCUMENTS. Despite the complexity and laboriousness of the process, our company has vast experience in transporting such cargo. We will take care of the documents, the competence of the driver and that your cargo arrives on time. It is reasonable to entrust such work to professionals, i.e. to order a trawl here, with us.

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