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Cargo transportation UAE Emirates

You have contacted the Transportation and Forwarding Department online. In order to order the necessary transport and shipment from the UAE.
MOVERSAUTO-INTERNTRANSPORT S.R.L. is a freight forwarding company. Provides road freight services from the UAE Emirates to the CIS countries and in the opposite direction to the UAE Emirates. We offer to find out the cost of transportation, to order the transport, to get advice in any direction. Daily delivery of cargo from the UAE Emirates by road, tents semitrailers, road trains, refrigerators. According to the schedule from the UAE delivery of goods weighing from 200kg. up to 20tons. and volumes of 20 cubic meters. up to 90 cubic meters. and 120 cubic meters. Regular transportation of groupage, partial, small and non-standard cargoes weighing from 100kg, from consolidated logistics warehouses. Transportation cost includes all transportation costs, to the recipient’s warehouse, transportation insurance, liability of the transportation company.
Quality shipping from the United Arab Emirates, as well as from other Asian countries, at affordable prices. Provide one hundred percent quality and optimal transport conditions in compliance with all agreements reached at the conclusion of the contract for the transportation. We are always ready to offer several variants of delivery from UAE to Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Moldova, Europe; we apply combined methods of transportation using different types of transport – by sea, road, rail, air. We attract the associated transport, if at receipt of the order to deliver cargo from UA Emirates, such just finished the execution of another order and is free. We work with transport companies of all countries, joining efforts to optimize the cost of transportation from UAE Emirates.
Organization of cargo shipments from the United Arab Emirates, As in general from other Asian countries, often involves solving typical transportation problems, the timely execution of the proper transport documentation and other related services, these concerns are entrusted to our freight forwarding company.

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